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Your direct interaction with Nature makes the difference! These Whispers will empower YOU!  

How?  The power of your heart and mind impacts trees and other Nature Beings who need healing and balance to recover from fire damage and withstand extremes of climate change. 

Climate Whispering® is NOT another attempt to impose human will on Nature or even to pray for some specific outcome. Our purpose in using Climate Whispers is to honor Nature’s deep wisdom and Her processes which are beyond human understanding while we humbly ASK for healing and balance.  

Climate Whispers funnel the human consciousness and our intent to do good through a set of structured requests so that all Nature Beings (such as trees) might withstand and survive blizzard and freezing temps and so that The Elements might come into balance.  

The classical four elements——Air, Fire, Water, Earth——do not just make the weather but they are also planetary forces. They have gone out of balance. But balance can be humbly requested and restored. 

People can return to a state of wise partnership with planetary forces and with Nature Beings.  

Climate Whispers have been shown as very effective to heal Nature and to empower people.  They are offered from the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul so they help stressed trees and heal ecological damage.  They come from 19 years of R&D and are spirit-inspired.  Each word is embedded with deep meaning and energy.  As a whole, the set is infused with power and vitality. 

Whispers can be done quietly or aloud, by yourself, or in a group.  Do them regularly in your backyard or a public park.  They will take 10 minutes or more.  Focusing conscious attention makes them work better.

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Please do not change any words.  

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QUICK VERSION: Ice, Freezing Rain, Snow Prep Whispers

Please scroll to the bottom of this post for a downloadable pdf of these Whispers.

BEGIN HERE  to Communicate, Collaborate, and Co-Create with Nature. You are a Facilitator!    

  • Whether your land is going to get the blizzard and freezing temps or not…  all living Beings can benefit from these Whispers.  
  • You may go outside and walk among your trees or you may do the  whispers while looking out through a window.  Either way, feel a connection with your trees and all trees.   If you are elsewhere in the world, ask your trees and ecosystem members to send these Whispers through their bioenergy networks to to blizzard/freeze area(s). 
  • In your heart, say the following intentional messages to your trees, plants, ecosystem members such as insects, disease organisms, soil, animals, birds, etc. 
  • Breathe and slowly say each of the following Whispers either quietly or aloud.  You should feel good or positive as you continue.  If you don’t, stop and try later. You may take notes.
  • Say in your heart:  “I ask permission to prepare you for the blizzard and freezing temps.”

  1. “Trees, plants, ecosystems, and ecosystem members—bees, animals birds, and others—I CARE FOR YOU.  There is a storm with ice, freezing rain, and snow coming (or here now!)
  2. “Ecosystem and ecosystem members: Please become connected and interconnected.  Please communicate among yourselves. 
  3. “Communities of all: Please tighten your web of connections. 
  4. “Please utilize your food resources in the optimum way to protect yourself from the cold, snow, ice, and wind.
  5. “Please optimize your inner water volumes to protect your cells and parts, and yet not become dehydrated. 
  6. “Please power-up your bioenergy layers to protect your parts and systems. If you are a GREEN Being, protect your buds and other growing points. 
  7. “Element of Earth: please protect all Beings’ parts,  especially roots, from cold. Hold roots tightly in the wind.
  8. “Element of Air, Spirit of Wind: please caress not assault and mesh with the spirits of the trees and all living Beings.  
  9. “Element of Fire: please give strength to the whole; manage biological activity for maximum benefit of all. 
  10. “Element of Water, Spirits of Snow and Ice: please protect as an insulator from the cold.
  11. “Spirit of the Cold: Please resonate and integrate peacefully with the ecosystem and all of its members.  Please don’t harm them. 
  12. “Spirit of the Land, please meet the spirits of the Storm (Ice, Freezing Rain, and Snow) with serenity.  
  13. “Spirits of the Land, Water, Air, Climate, Environment and others: please help all ecosystem members and whole ecosystems to resonate with the ice, cold, wind, snow, and freezing rain…  and not be harmed by them. 
  14. “Great Consciousness of Nature: Please allow all the functionality that is needed by all Beings of Nature in order to stay warm and survive the cold, wind, snow, and ice. 
  15. “Thank you...and thanks to all invisible helpers."

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