Late October, 2012. The weather forecasters gave us plenty of notice: Hurricane Sandy would be coming up the east coast of the USA and making a left turn right into New Jersey and the rest of the northeast.

It would be severe winds and rain. We knew that the trees weren't prepared.

Jim and I decided to send out an emergency notice on email --asking people to help their trees get through the storm. That's how the Storm Prep Whispers you see below got started.

And my email went viral. Each person who got it forwarded it to so many others.

Then, after the power came back about 2 weeks later, I started getting emails from people saying how much the whispers helped not only their trees but also THEMSELVES!

They felt empowered. Instead of just fear that a big storm was coming, they felt they could DO something.

And you can, too.

Anytime a storm is headed your way--doesn't have to be a hurricane--do these Whispers. Your trees will thank you!!

And we got so many emails about how people saved their trees, we put them all together into a book: