EARTHRISE from the moon on July 20, 1969.
That's it. That's where we live. That's the only home we have.
And right now, it's in trouble! But you can help.


Whispers provide the specific instructions Nature needs in order to heal Herself.  These intentional messages offered from the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul help stressed trees and heal ecological damage.  They come from 20 years of R&D and are spirit-inspired.  Filled with powerful energy and vitality, they have been shown as very effective to heal Nature and to empower people.  

Whispers can be done quietly or aloud, by yourself, or in a group.  Do them regularly in your backyard or a public park.  They will take ten minutes or more.  

Share your experiences or comments with or use the hashtags #HealEcoDamage or #ClimateWhispering on social media.  

Please do not change any words.  Share widely and freely.  

Credit Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander, and

BEGIN HERE to Communicate, Collaborate, and Co-Create with Nature. You are a facilitator!  

  • Imagine you are inside of a peaceful and protective ball of LIGHT.
  • In the Whispers, you are ASKING Light, Life Force, Spirit, and Nature’s deep intelligence to do these things for all ecosystem members (trees and plants, animals, microorganisms, all others, people including YOU, and conscious forms such as ecosystems, mountains, oceans, and systems or structures.)
  • Touch or recall a local tree/plant/living Being: You are in a bioenergy overlap with it.  
  • Begin to expand your focus of attention in stages:
  • Move your focus to the root and soil area of your tree/plant/living Being.
  • …to the neighborhood around the tree
  • …to the town  
  • …to the state
  • …now to the entire continent with the oceans lapping on its shores
  • …and out to the oceans
  • …and to other continents and the oceans lapping on their shores
  • …and with a deep breath in, expand your focus to the entire planet.  
  • Breathe, and tune-in to the planet’s life force.  
  • Return your focus to your tree/plant/living Being. Breathe comfortably…  
  • Ask permission: “I’d like to do Whispers with you.  Is that okay?”  If you feel comfortable or perceive a “yes” then you have permission. You should feel good or positive as you continue. [If not, you can stop and try again later, or with another Green Being.]
  • Tune-in to it’s life force.  Come from its point of view, as if seeing through its ‘eyes’ or feeling through its ‘senses.’
  • Breathe and slowly say each of the following Whispers either quietly or aloud.

Section 1: The Players and The Potential

  1. “Spirit of Humanity: please awaken!
    Fellow people! Recognize that we are also living Beings of Nature on this living planet.  We are equal partners with the kingdoms of Life such as trees and plants, animals, minerals, microorganisms, oceanic life, and others.  
    We are also allies with conscious forms such as ecosystems, mountains, oceans and waterways,  and structures.  I am a part of this GRAND ALL.”
  2. “LIGHT, Life Energy, Universal Rhythm, Growth Energy,
    Divine Life Force,  and Soul of Gaia! Please be the vessels in which the Grand All is cleansed, healed, then grows
    and operates in co-action.  
    Please balance Nature with people and people with Nature.  Please optimize, and reconfigure the Grand All
    as a unified whole to restore livability on the planet. ”      

Section 2: The Guidelines

  1. “Grand All:  COMMUNICATE within and between so each and all can live to full potential in dynamic balance.”
  2. “Grand All: COLLABORATE within and between so all Nature Beings’ needs are met, including mine.”
  3. “Grand All: CO-CREATE in peace so there is a SYNERGY which brings forth an aligned  whole greater than the sum of the parts. ”

Section 3: Teamwork with the Elements

  1. “Elements—Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and their Combinations—please interact in balance with each other on local and planetary scales.  
    We humbly ask that Elementals foster livability for the Grand All on this wonderful planet.”
  2. “Grand All:  in order to heal and regenerate, allow LIGHT and EARTH to do their jobs with you. Their jobs are to connect you within and between and to restore dynamic balance on local and planetary scales.  
    Element of EARTH: please support this balanced state, connection, flow, and spiraling toward new growth, health, and recovery — IN THE LIGHT.”
  3. “Grand All: make best use of the WATER that is available.
    Element of WATER: please appear in appropriate forms to rejuvenate all — IN THE LIGHT.”
  4. “Grand All:  Breathe!  
    Element of AIR: please support respiration — IN THE LIGHT.”
  5. “Grand All: Allow the FIRE of inner circulation and the joy of flowing energies to move within and between so that blockages are honored and released, and unique goals and innate potentials can be attained.  
    Element of FIRE: please cleanse and allow the LIGHT to come through.  Nurture  coordination of all life processes such as biochemical reactions, uptake of fluids and nutrients, producing or processing food, and more— IN THE LIGHT.”

Section 4: Dimensional Flow to Emergence

  1. “I _____ love all Beings and the Planet. I am their partner.
    On their behalf, I ask LIGHT: please reconnect the dimensional-to-physical and physical-to-dimensional rotation.  
    Elements: please be our valued co-creators in this cycle so the Grand All—and our world—can thrive.”
  2. “LIGHT, all Elements, Higher Energies, and Spirit, please support regeneration and livability of the Grand All at all levels and in all dimensions on this wonderful planet.  Support the emergence of a new higher whole — IN THE LIGHT.”

Section 5: “I give thanks to the Light and other High Energies, to Spirit, to the Grand All, to all Elements and invisible helpers, and to myself for doing these Whispers.”