Climate Whispers provide the specific instructions Nature needs in order to heal Herself.  These intentional messages offered from the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul help stressed trees and heal ecological damage.  They come from 20 years of R&D and are spirit-inspired.  Filled with powerful energy and vitality, they have been shown as very effective for Nature and empowering for people.  

Whispers can be done quietly or aloud, by yourself, or in a group.  Do them regularly in your backyard or a public park.  They will take 5 to ten minutes.  Focusing your conscious attention makes them work better.

Share your experiences or comments with or use hashtag #HealEcoDamage or #ClimateWhispering on social media.  

Please do not change any words.  Share widely.  Give Credit to Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander

BEGIN HERE to Communicate, Collaborate, and Co-Create with Nature. You are a Facilitator!  

  • In the Whispers, you are ASKING Light, Life Force, Spirit, and Nature’s deep intelligence to do these things for all ecosystem members (trees and plants, animals, microorganisms, all others, people including YOU, and conscious forms such as mountains, oceans, structures.)
  • Touch or be near a local tree/plant/living Being: you are in a bioenergy overlap with it.
  • Imagine you are inside of a peaceful and protective ball of LIGHT. Begin to focus your attention.
  • Ask permission: “I’d like to do Whispers with you.  Is that okay with you?”   If you perceive a “yes”,  tune-in to what the Nature Being’s life is like.  Come from its point of view—as if seeing through its ‘eyes’ or feeling through its ‘senses.’
  • Breathe and slowly say each of the following Whispers either quietly or aloud.  You should feel good or positive as you continue.  If you don’t, stop and try later.

  • “I would like to connect—in humility—with the LIGHT inside of me and the LIGHT in all of Nature. I am also a Nature Being.  I am a Partner With Nature.”
  • “Please cleanse all Beings of Nature and conscious forms.  Connect and interconnect the bio-energies and Life Force within and between each ecosystem member on land, in water, in air. Make a unified community.”
  • “Flow LIGHT, Life Energy, Universal Rhythm, and Growth Energies to fulfill these purposes: Release stuck energies and release blockages.  Distribute food and fluids where they are needed.”        
  • “Orchestrate parts, systems, functions, and inner network patterns to be healthy, to  grow, and to play in harmony—within and between all Beings and conscious forms.”
  • “Harmonize all in peace.  Establish and enhance dynamic balance within and among all Beings and conscious forms, including people, and me, too.”  
  • “Please align each Being’s physical structure and bio-energy field with its goals, ideals, and innate potentials.”  
  • “Balance all with where they live and balance where they live with them.  Balance all of Nature with current human disruptions. Balance future human intentions with Nature’s needs ... so that both Nature and humans can
    co-create a balanced world.”
  • “Elements interact together in balance.
    • EARTH for growth and grounding;
    • AIR for flow and breath;
    • FIRE as the sun’s warmth and food production;
    • WATER be present in your needed forms.
    • Elements: Please assist with dimensional to physical to dimensional flow.”
  • “I _________ love all living Beings and this planet.  I communicate, collaborate, and co-create with Nature Beings.  On their behalf, I have asked these things so that they and I—and our world—can survive and thrive as one on a livable planet.”
  • “I thank all Nature Beings, the Energies of LIGHT, Life, Growth, and Universal Rhythm. I thank the Elements.  
    I thank myself for doing these Whispers.”