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It’s August 24, 2020.  Extraordinary climate dryness, human shortsightedness, lightening, and other factors result in wildfires raging all over the planet.    

Practical actions are only half of what is needed.  The other half that’s needed is YOUR DIRECT AND CONSCIOUS INTERACTION WITH NATURE!  

This set of healing Climate Whispers® really do heal ecological damage such as wildfire.  

How?  Through bioenergy overlap and the intention of consciousness.  

Use them when you feel despair for the planet. These Whispers will empower YOU!  

How?  The power of your heart and mind impacts trees and other Nature Beings who need healing and balance to recover from fire damage and withstand extremes of climate change.

Climate Whispering® is NOT another attempt to impose human will on Nature or even to pray for some specific outcome.  We humans don’t know what is really in the highest good.  Wildfire may be part of Nature’s way to accomplish Her higher purposes.

Our purpose in using Climate Whispers is to honor Nature’s wisdom and Her processes which are beyond our understanding--- while we humbly ASK for healing and balance.  
Climate Whispers funnel the human consciousness and our intent to do good through a set of structured requests so that Nature Beings such as trees might withstand and survive wildfire and so that the Elements--Earth, Air, Fire, and Water--might come into balance.  

Trees may know how to survive a wildfire, but when shocked by the fire, their circulation and other systems become blocked and their instinct becomes scrambled. If they still have life in them after the fire, they often run out of their inner resources in their attempt to grow, and then fail when they can’t sustain a growth cycle.

These powerfully charged Whispers provide a boost for trees, plants, and all ecosystem members so they have a more efficient pathway to growth.  Therefore, they can better manage their resources and increase their survive rate.  

We call this tree "Green Up" because it really greened-up in the time between our visits. It's outside of Paradise, CA, and along with whole mountainsides of trees were burned in the Camp Fire in late 2018. The trees were at risk of "failing." Some trees did survive the fire and pushed out some new growth. The Wildfire Recovery Whispers helped them to use their remaining inner resources of food and water more efficiently. They were able to establish a functional inner growth cycle. We believe that--because of the Whispers--many less trees failed than would have ordinarily.

Classical Four Elements to Come into Balance

The classical four elements——Air, Fire, Water, Earth——do not just make the weather but they are also planetary forces.  These forces have gone out of balance on the planet now. But balance can be humbly requested and restored.

People can return to a state of wise partnership with planetary forces and with Nature Beings.  

Climate Whispers have been shown as very effective to heal Nature and to empower people.  They are offered from the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul so they help stressed trees and heal ecological damage.  They come from 18 years of R&D and are spirit-inspired.  Each word is embedded with deep meaning and energy.  As a whole, the set is infused with power and vitality.