We traveled to California in June of 2021 to follow up with our healing work to help trees that were burned in 2018 and 2019 fires as well as to catch-up with the 2020 fire damaged areas. But it was the widening drought that was catching our attention as we drove around Northern California.

We were passing through Napa Valley when we were attracted to stop at a small cross-street. The consciousness of the grape plants wanted to talk with us. In our intuitive perception and with the healing processes we have developed, we listened. Jim received information his way. I, Basia, received it my way. Between the two of us, we pieced together that the grapes needed to deal with the drought in innovative ways.

We were directed to think about water "ENERGY"... not water as H2O but the energy of WATER as an Elemental Force.

The trees can use water ENERGY, and the DEAL WITH DROUGHT WHISPERS we developed with the help of the grape consciousness are available. You can help!

Dr. Jim Conroy's explanation of how WATER ENERGY can help trees and plants stay alive during drought.

Even thought the grapes in Napa Valley inspired this healing process,  it applies to all trees and plants.  

When Dr. Jim talks about the growers, listen as if he is talking about YOU... about all people everywhere in drought situations who want their trees and plants to live.

His explanation uses "advanced" words from his advanced approach to healing trees and plants. However, if you can listen to the overall meaning of the ideas, we think you'll get the idea. If you have questions, please email Basia. I'll answer your questions.

Please use the DEAL WITH DROUGHT WHISPERS to help trees, plants and all living beings in drought.