The photo above shows a lovely green forest, right?

Look again.

Trees are dying in forests. Sure, trees have always died in forests--it's part of the natural cycle, right? But not at the RATE at which they are dying in the last 20 years. Understory trees of the northeast USA have been dying for the last 50 years. The forests are not just changing but become weaker.

Just because trees seem green doesn't mean that they are healthy.

It's a common misconception that a green tree is healthy. It may not be. Trees and Ecosystems have complex internal functionality just like people do.

For example, in a tree's circulation system alone, myriad biochemical reactions must occur to carry the food and to have the circulation flow. If any one of those feedback loops of functionality is broken, the whole system begins to become compromised. It's similar with ecosystems in that all ecosystem members need to be interconnected and interrelated.

When internal functionality for an individual is properly interconnect, the individual being is healthy.

When the members of an ecosystem are properly interconnected, the whole ecosystem is healthy and able to withstand the effects of climate change.

Since trees and all Nature Beings are sick and stressed, people can communicate, collaborate, and co-create directly with the Beings of Nature to help Nature recover. Nature needs our help to be healed from the inside-out.

Climate Whispers CAN Heal Nature from the Inside-Out.


  • Each whisper in a particular set of Climate Whispers is carefully crafted with key information that the living Beings of Nature need in order to be healthy or to resume functionality
  • All Whispers are embedded with the powerful energy of our 18 years of experience with holistic and bioenergy-based systems
  • Climate Whispers funnel human consciousness and people’s intent to do good through that structured information so that trees, plants, and all ecosystem members can grow and interact optimally.
  • Your focused attention and mindful intention make Climate Whispers work.  

In other words, because you are with a tree or other living Being and you say each whisper from your heart and mind, the intelligence of Nature gets that information and can use it to repair their inner feedback loops of functionality and to restore their interconnectivity with other Beings.

By Basia Alexander