Experiences that are Freeing! Exhilarating! Profound! Satisfying!

Climate Whispering is an empowering experience for those who do it.

"When I do the climate whispers for helping Nature in a drought, I feel like I can touch the rain... I feel like I am sending my love and light to the drought areas. It's amazing--I always have a deep feeling that the words go straight to the trees and other beings so that they can live through the drought. They'll survive!" --A Climate Whisperer in California

"Whenever there is a fire somewhere, I get out my printout of the Global Fire Recovery Whispers and Elements Balancing. I feel as if my thoughts are like butterflies that go to the trees and plants and actually help them to survive. I'm giving them information they can use to heal themselves." --A Climate Whisperer in New Jersey, USA

My friends and I got together during the last hurricane and we sent the Storm Prep Whispers to the living Beings in the storm's path. We aren't trying to change the storm. We are just trying to help the trees, animals, and others in the storm's path. -- The Climate Captain of a Climate Whispering group in Connecticut.