It's another climate emergency, but your help could be on the way.

It's September of 2020. Fire season is supposed to be just starting in the northern hemisphere... but big fires started back in June

NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration, USA) offers incredible satellite images that show the fires, smoke and extent of the damage.

How can the Global Wildfire Recovery Whispers - Full Version or Quick Version help?

First of all, the whispers do not attempt to change or reduce the fire. Fire is a natural phenomenon--some trees and others need fire in their life cycles. So we don't attempt to control or tamper with a natural process. We humans really can't control Nature, even though many people think they can. Thinking control-domination-superiority kinds of thoughts only leads to these kinds of disasters.

What is NOT natural about these fires is that they are driven by the extremes of climate change--and that has been developing through the excesses of human interferences with Nature for a couple of generations, at least. And the fires themselves have become extreme.

So our work with the Global Wildfire Recovery Whispers is to help the living Beings of Nature to prepare for fire and to survive fire.
  • In dry area where the fire has not yet arrived, tree health is strengthened through the information conveyed in these Whispers.
  • Whispers give the trees and others a kind of a "warning" that fire is coming so that they can allocate their inner resources appropriately. For example, trees can move food and fluids into their roots for protection.
  • Where the fire has already gone through, the trees and others who have survived the fire will attempt to grow again. They MUST have leaves in order to live. Often, they will use the last of their inner strength to push out leaves, only to die because they cannot get a sustainable growth cycle going. These Whispers help the trees and others to use those precious recourses more efficiently so they have a better chance to get that sustainable growth cycle going.