Climate Whispering?

#1 of 4: The feeling good.

When you do Climate Whispering, it’s an EXPERIENCE—sometimes profound.  

The experience of Climate Whispering helps you get past the hopelessness and despair of this planet’s ecological damage.  Yes, it requires courage to get past environmental despair, but you CAN RISE ABOVE IT.   How?  Taking action.  

Sure, you can recycle and clean up a local stream.  And you probably should.  
But Climate Whispering is an INNER ACTION that has widespread results.  

Climate Whispering engages the power of your heart, mind, and spirit to convey healing intentions to Nature Beings in your backyard, in a local park, and even globally.  They’re a little like prayers, but they go beyond prayers because they are carefully crafted statements embedded with an energy of vitality that give trees and other Nature Beings the instructions they need in order to regain health and withstand climate extremes.  
So, you feel EMPOWERMENT in the face of all of the negativity.  You feel partnership with Nature, inner satisfaction, and hope for the future.  It’s inspiring.  It’s a gratifying experience to know that you are making a difference.  

Profound?  Spiritual?  Yes, I would use those words, too.  Anytime you connect deeply with Nature and recognize your oneness with all Life, I’d say that is enlightening.  

And even if you have doubts, when you do Climate Whispering you are doing something POSITIVE instead of either putting your head in the sand or dreading the future.  And doing something positive always feels good.  

By Basia Alexander

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Climate Whispering

#2 of 4: A new way to look at climate change

Nature (as the whole planet) is currently is very sick and has a “fever.”   We humans think we know what the problem is and it is often called “Climate Change.”  But that’s not the problem.  

The problem is our human beliefs—our “domination, control, and superiority” mindset—and the actions that seem to flow logically from those beliefs.   It’s the beliefs that cause the actions which have resulted in Climate Change.  

Of course, practical things need to be done like stopping doing destructive things and starting to do life-supporting things. But there’s more needed so that the planet can be livable again.  

It’s as simple as this:  change your mind, change your world.  

Humanity has the capacity to rise above its previous beliefs and adopt more enlightened attitudes such as “I am an equal partner with Nature in restoring a livable planet.”

With new beliefs, Humanity has a powerful moment of choice to take new kinds of actions that were never even considered before.   We all need to partner with Gaia in humility.  

That’s what happens in Climate Whispering.  So, how does doing Climate Whispering work to counteract the effects of climate change? Please read further...

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Climate Whispering

#3 of 4: How Climate Whispering works...

Because of the control-domination-superiority mindset and destructive actions, the planetary biosphere is unraveling.  Lands and bioregions have become fragmented.  Trees can’t grow properly even if they look green.  Ecological SYSTEMS are losing cohesiveness. In other words, ecosystem members aren’t properly communicating or coordinating with each other.

The Whispering methodologies that “Dr. Jim” and I have been developing, using, and teaching since 2003 rely on a holistic way of thinking and on the use of conscious, direct interaction with Nature’s living Beings.  

What does “direct and conscious interaction” mean? It means getting into a bioenergy overlap with another living being, as shown in the illustrations.

There is a reliable transfer of information that occurs when in a bioenergy overlap, as long as a person develops good listening and receptivity skills.  “Direct and conscious” interchange means approaching trees, plants, animals and others in the kingdoms of life with humility, asking them questions in the mind, and getting answers through inner listening.  It means that the ancient and indigenous peoples of Earth were right when they talked directly with Nature Beings and received wise messages back from them.  

How do Climate Whispers counteract the effects of climate extremes?  Climate Whispers are carefully crafted instructions embedded with deep meaning that you provide to a Nature Being so they can resume functionality.  When they are healthy, they can better withstand the effects of climate extremes such as heat, fire, flooding, storms and others.  

So, it's your focused attention and mindful intention that make Climate Whispers work.  You simply read the Whispers and convey them from your caring heart, open mind, and deep soul.  No training needed.  No effort to make a big difference to the health of trees, plants and all living Beings in your backyard, in a local park, or even in some global location of climate emergency.  

By Basia Alexander

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Climate Whispering

#4 of 4: Results of Climate Whispering

Powerful and proven Climate Whispers started in 2012 with a set of Whispers called “Storm Prep Whispers” when Hurricane Sandy was approaching the Northeast USA.  Thousands of people used them, and when the power came back on, they started letting us know about success on their properties in comparison to the devastation in their neighborhoods. We put together our 5th book from their stories:  PEOPLE SAVING THEIR TREES IN HURRICANE SANDY.  

Since then, we have offered all kinds of Whispers for all kinds of climate situations:  fires, drought, blizzards, extreme cold, sudden changes in seasons, flooding, and more.  And people have used them all over the world with positive effects.  

Our vision for the future is that people everywhere will be using Climate Whispers regularly to help our beloved planet move from being unlivable to being a place where every Being can live and thrive.  

Perhaps it’s time for you to do Climate Whispering?  
• They are easy.  
• Each set comes with its own instructions.
• These are the tools of spirit, healing, and consciousness that can bring forth a healthy and livable planet.

By Basia Alexander

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Dr. Jim Conroy: The Tree Whisperer®,  Expert Nature Communicator™. Master BioBalancer®.  PhD in Plant Pathology. BS in Horticulture. Co-Founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance. Co-Author of 7 books. Speaker. Teacher. Innovator in ecological healing approaches. Tree lover. Rose grower. World traveler. Refugee from 30+ year successful corporate career. Disney fan. Wants to preserve land in the Adirondacks. Will never retire.
Ms. Basia Alexander: BA in Communications. Co-Founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance. Co-Author of 7 books. Catalyst for Conscious Co-Creativity.  Nature Communicator. Elemental Collaborator. Author. Workshop Leader. Publisher. Gardener. Tree lover. Rose grower. Spiritual seeker and finder. Apple computer user since 1984 (when the Mac came out). Software and desktop publishing trainer. Loves to cook. Star Trek and Disney fan. Wants to build a post and beam house with English gardens.

Who are we? What's our vision?

That's us, in the photo above. Jim Conroy, Phd, and Basia Alexander, BA. Here's the official line about who we are:
Co-founders of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance, authors of 7 books, and co-creators of the Tree Whispering®, Cooperative BioBalance®, and Eco-Peace Treaty® systems for tree, plant, and ecosystem bioenergy healing.    
We are also co-founders of a suite of websites: where you are now, and,, and
Dr. Conroy received his PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University, left a successful career in the ag-chem industry after an epiphany to become an expert Nature Communicator™ and The Tree Whisperer®.  Research using his multidimensional model is leading edge. He is an impassioned speaker and ingenious visionary for collaboration with Nature, including with invasive organisms. He is an innovator of a unique Light-based healing approach for ecosystems.  
Ms. Alexander invents new systems that catalyze transformation in human consciousness.  As a future-seeing culture shifter she writes and speaks about conscious co-creativity, practical spirituality, health, nature-based communication, and her original insights into the elemental world’s structure.  

Okay, really... who are we? We are, at heart, teachers.

We are both Virgos so that means our motto is "I serve." That also means we are extraordinarily dedicated to heal the ecological damage on this beautiful planet and to upgrade human thinking about how to do just that.
We feel that Climate Whispering is on the leading edge of the wave toward a new worldview that is transforming humanity
. Transforming humanity into what?

That's our vision: Transforming humanity into an enlightened species that can communicate, collaborate, and co-create with Nature to heal environmental problems.

People can PARTNER WITH NATURE so that together People and Nature can heal ecological damage and can bring forth a livable planet and a thriving civilization.

We say: “Spirit of Humanity: please awaken! Fellow people! Recognize that we are Living Beings of Nature. We are equal partners with Nature: the animal, plant, mineral, oceanic, and other Kingdoms of Life on the planet and the planet Herself. All can optimize and reconfigure as one for a livable planet and thriving world.”