Do Practical Things?
Sure...but here's the
other half
of what's needed
for a livable planet.

Climate Whispering

Find Free Climate Whispers Here
Climate Whispering from the heart...
...because Nature's living Beings
need help to withstand
the extremes
of ecological changes and climate emergencies.


Find FREE Climate Whispers Here
No Charge - FREE

Help your trees and the planet withstand climate extremes.

Climate Whispers work!

They heal ecological damage, restore tree and ecosystem health.


Whispering is something effective you can do when you feel climate despair.

Global Crisis Shifted

Co-create a livable planet where EVERYONE thrives.

What is Climate Whispering?

Using the power of your heart, mind, and spirit to interact directly with Nature and the forces of climate.

Reduce carbon emissions and do other practical things? YES, of course.  
But that’s only half of the action that’s needed to restore a livable planet.

What’s the other half?  Direct, mindful interplay with the heart of Nature will heal ecological damage and restore livability on this fragile planet.  

Living Beings of Nature need to be able to withstand the extremes of climate change. Trees, ecosystems, and all of Nature needs people's help to be healed from the inside-out. When healthy, interconnected, and growing, they can cope with climate changes such as heat, drought, storms, seasonal shifts, and more. Then, every living Being including people will be able to thrive.

Climate Whispering® is an innovative, holistic approach you can use (without training or effort) that can heal trees and heal ecological damage. It's simple. They are packed with powerful healing energies. Climate Whispers are carefully crafted messages you read and convey from your caring heart, open mind, and deep soul. Your focused attention and mindful intention make Whispers work.

Feel that you make a difference to the health of trees, plants, and all living Beings right in your own backyard, in a local park, and in climate emergency locations all over the planet by doing Climate Whispering.

Climate Whispers come from Jim Conroy (PhD in Plant Pathology and The Tree Whisperer®) and Ms Basia Alexander (BA Communications and catalyst for conscious co-creativity via Their experience since 2003 developing consciousness-based holistic methods that restore health and vitality to trees and ecosystems goes into every Climate Whisper.

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Storms, Ice, Freezing Rain, Snow, Cold?

Want to help your trees and trees going through these conditions anywhere in the world?

For the latest version of these Whispers, please go to this blog post:

DEAL WITH DROUGHT Climate Whispering Initiative

This map can be found at
Serious drought conditions are developing and persisting in the western USA and globally.
As co-founders of this website, Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, we have made many trips to the West. There, we discovered new approaches for healing trees and plants so that they can withstand the severe conditions of drought and heat.
We want to share those innovations with YOU.
No matter where you are in the world, you can help trees, plants, and other living Beings through the use of your consciousness and heart-felt intention by using DEAL WITH DROUGHT Whispers® and other innovations on this website.
Find DEAL WITH DROUGHT Whispers in the Whispers menu.
We will be posting more drought-related innovations and materials in the Blog.

Climate Whispering

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Climate Whispering?
It's an approach to help Nature during extremes of climate change. Nature tries to restore balance but is overwhelmed. People can help. Climate Whispering is practical.
Conventional approaches can't HEAL NATURE , but Climate Whispering can!
What do I do?
Climate whispers are intentional messages that you convey from your heart, mind, and deep soul. They are simple, easy statements--instructions, really--that you give to Nature Beings as their partner. The words provide the information Nature needs in order to withstand extreme heat or cold, fires, droughts, and other disruptions.
What happens?
You give trees, plants, animals and all Nature Beings the bioenergy support they need to withstand climate extremes. You are empowered. You don't have to feel helpless about the fate of the planet or your future. With Climate Whispering, you have it within your power to begin to solve some environmental problems.
Who does Climate Whispering?
Everyone who wants a livable planet. People like YOU! Thousands of other people all over the world have already used them successfully and in a satisfying way.   Climate Whispers were created and written by Jim Conroy, PhD Plant Pathology and Ms. Basia Alexander, BA Communications.
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